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Meet the Doula

Jessica Ervin
Founder of A Mother's Pace Doula Services
I am a twenty- something mother to three boys. My birth experiences have brought me from a place of grief and regret to passion and thankfullness. I had a cesarean section with my first son in 2008, I VBAC'ed my second son at home in 2010 and had an accidental unassisted VBAC in 2013 with my third son.I am continually amazed by what the female body can do!  I have a specific passion for VBACs (vaginal births after cesareans) after my own in 2010 and waterbirths, as well. I trained through DONA to become a Birth Doula, in October 2011. Since then I have really dug into everything I can related to birth in the Piedmont Triad area of NC. Currently I am a member of the Piedmont Area Doula Association, a co-leader of the Triad Birth Circle, offer VBAC seminars through the Birth Circle, co-host a Triad Cesarean Support Group, and am trained to attend waterbirths through the Barbara Harper waterbirth workshop. I would love to talk to you about your upcoming birth!

Experience Outside The Birth Room


Triad Birth Circle

Waterbirth International Training 

with Barbara Harper

Safe Motherhood Rally 

Washington, DC with Ina May Gaskin

Strength & Comfort in Labor 

Rebozo Training Workshop

with Gena Kirby

VBAC Seminar co-leader

with local Nurse Midwife

Guest Speaker on VBAC

Triad Prenatal Summit September 2014

DONA International Birth Doula Training Workshop in Asheville, NC October 2011

H.U.G Your Baby Workshop

with Phyllis D'Agostino

Joyful Birth and Breastfeeding Expo

Seminar with Ina May Gaskin

Breastfeeding Basics and Problem Solving Workshop with Georganna Cogburn, BS, IBCLC in Asheville, NC 

BirthWorks Childbirth Education Class 

with Tiffany Sexton

      VBAC Facts Webinar

with Jen Kamel January 2014

My Publications

My HBAC photo essay in MotherWit Magazine Issue 2 in December 2011


Article about doulas: Pregnant? You Deserve A Doula

In Natural Triad Magazine May 2012 Issue


Photography Contest, Jade and Sam entry

SQUAT birth journal issue 19 digital


Birth Doula serving the areas of NC including (but not limited to) Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, and Kernersville