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Quotes I would like all expecting mother's who are considering hiring a doula to know how wonderful Jessica is, not only as a professional doula, but as a person. She is such a loving and genuine person and when it comes to her work as a doula she is professional and knowledgable. Her personal experiences with childbirth and her work experiences make her, in my opinion, one of the best doulas around. I cannot begin to express in words my gratitude towards the time and effort she put towards helping me prepare for the birth of my amazing daughter. My labor was not short and she stuck by my side through it all. When I felt like giving up and asking for the epidural she would gently remind me how strong I was. Her confidence in me and gentle voice made me push through and experience natural laboring, which I would not have been able to do without her and my midwife by my side. Quotes
Heather Perkins

Quotes Jessica assisted with the birth of my second child recently, she was amazing support to have by my side. She has a true passion for birth that shows with every ounce of her soul. Having her support, passion and knowledge by my side help me stay focused on relaxing and staying calm. First time using a doula, and so wish I could have had Jessica by my side when my first was born. Quotes
Melissa Stanley

Quotes Upon meeting Jessica for the 1st time, I could really see her passion to make my dream childbirth come true. She radiates knowledge and passion and made my husband and I feel very comfortable. During the birth she was confident and encouraging. This was my 2nd childbirth but 1st time using a doula and I would definitely recommend it to others. Quotes
Dana Kroh

Quotes Jessica Pace is hands down the most passionately inspirational doula I have ever encountered. She has a deep understanding, compassion, and respect, for mothers in all stages of their pregnancy, birth, and post partum. She was everything I needed and more at the homebirth of my son. She was totally there for me and my family and went above and beyond by humoring my requests to take pics and keep my Instagram and Facebook up to date while I was in labor! She also created an incredible YouTube video of our birth and it has been a profound blessing to me and so many other individuals who are interested in peaceful and uninhibited birth. I joke with Jessica that she is the biggest birth nerd I know, and I say that with the up most respect because Jessica really knows her stuff! She's just amazing and I wish EVERYONE could have her at their birth. Love you so much Jessica! Thank you times infinity, for all you do! You are changing the world! Quotes
Jade Chiu

Quotes I couldn't have been happier with my birth experience! I am grateful for Jessica and her calm, even demeanor during my natural labor & delivery. She was able to anticipate my needs throughout the process, offer suggestions for laboring positions, apply essential oils to me, take pictures and video clips that my husband and I treasure, and, most importantly, she helped create a peaceful birth environment in a hospital setting! Jessica is not only a great doula, but has also become a friend! ♥ Quotes
Heather Benham

Quotes We hired Jessica to be our doula for our January 2014 baby (hospital birth)- it was one of the best decisions we made! Due to my hectic schedule, our first meeting was a skype date, but we covered everything. She went over my birth preferences with my husband and I, breast feeding, PP care, etc. She joined us on a doctors visit, toured the hospital, met with the LC- she was very professional but relaxed. Jessica was always available by phone or text, and always requested an updated on how my appointments went. When it was go time, she was there 100%. She offered physical and mental support to me, but also really encouraged my husband to take an active role as my birth partner as well and guided him on how he could best help me. Jessica came for 2 PP visits to see how I was recovering (and brought bath tea!) and check on the baby. We plan to have Jessica as our doula the next time around as well :) Quotes

Quotes Jessica is amazing. She's a good friend of mine. She was at the birth of my third baby, born at home. I was scared of labor. My second baby's labor and delivery, in the hospital, traumatized me. She worked with me during my pregnancy to get to the root of my fear and to help get past it. Jessica was the first person to get to my house after labor started. She talked me through contractions, kept me focused and made me smile more than a few times. She was amazing. She helped my husband when he needed it and also talked to my older two daughters and helped make them more comfortable. After my baby was born, she got me something to eat and drink and helped my husband clean up everything. She was great. I'm so so glad she was there for me. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone. Whether they're having a hospital or homebirth Quotes

Quotes Jessica assisted at my first birth. Her presence was very peaceful and calm even though it was one of her first births. She was helpful and encouraging through all 20 hours! It's apparent that she cares about your needs and wants. Jessica and I grow up together and knowing her character, I would strongly recommend her to any other mom to be! Quotes
Crystal Ungar